Our Vineyard


It covers 5 municipalities : St Gervais, St Michel d'Euzet , Carsan , Bagnols sur Cèze and St Nazaire and over a hundred parcels. This diversity is a major asset because it enables working on different terroirs and getting different wine characters.


The Vineyard is located mostly on the village of St Gervais, with well-exposed south slopes, composed of sand, clay and limestone soils along a cool and windy plateau.


Sheltered and protected, St. Gervais is an area of sandy soil, sometimes limestone, where the wines express lightness, with a desire of bringing a smooth feeling.



Sustainable Viticulture


Engaged in sustainable viticulture, the Domaine Clavel works the vines respecting environment. To maintain the biological diversity of the vine ecosystem is a daily challenge.

Each task is thought so as to limit its impact. Profound knowledge of the land, careful observation of the weather and constant evaluation are the keys to the viticulture of tomorrow. In line with this philosophy Domaine Clavel joined Terra Vitis in 2010 to guarantees its client transparency, traceability and quality and also certified High Environmental Value.


The moon has a real influence on vines, but also on the different steps of winemaking. Indeed the wine is a "living" product always evolving with time. That is why, it’s so important to consider the lunar influences at all stages in the vineyard and in the cellar.


"Love the Earth like the Moon loves it"

Domaine Clavel, rue du Pigeonnier 30200 Saint Gervais

tel : +33 466 827 890 / fax : +33 466 827 430

N° RCS : 487 567 125 RCS Nîmes


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